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We'll build the sword you've always wanted.


Add a striking decorative knife to your man cave.


Complete your wizard cosplay with a customized wand.

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Want an Custom Sword Without Breaking the Bank?

Want an Custom Sword Without Breaking the Bank?

Contact our bladesmith in California, MO

When it comes to making a truly authentic sword, you may find that there aren't many modestly priced options. You can get both a fair price and a quality custom sword when you place an order with The Rogues Den Forge in California, MO. Our bladesmith uses superior-quality materials and traditional methods to forge incredible examples of the sword maker's art. Whether you're looking for a sword, a knife or hand-carved wand, you'll be thrilled with our custom creations.

We will send pics of their build in progress, so that you can tailor the blades exactly how you envision them at different stages of creation.

Contact us today to learn more about our smithing process.

We'll create your sword just the way you envisioned it

To make sure your sword is brought to life perfectly, we follow a tried-and-true ordering process. When you call or visit our shop, we will:

Discuss your design ideas
Go over the materials you have in mind
Give you an estimate for the project
Get to work creating your sword

Get in touch with our bladesmith to place your order.